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Earn easy money, isn't that what everyone wants? It not only sounds good but it is being done every day and night! Many have already achieved financial freedom while others are on the road to achieving it. To earn easy money doesn't necessarily mean that you can sit on your laurels and do nothing. No, you have do enough honest work to prove that you really want it and deserve it! Let's take the field of sports, for an example. It is unfortunate that, sometimes, the field of sports gets a bad name because of the financial misunderstandings that occur between the Team owners and the team players. It may be that the owners are making hundreds of millions of dollars each season, but hey, give them a break! they are the business owners. If they have been putting the time, effort and funds into building the team from scratch then don't they deserve a little more? The book Money Games is about profiting from sports and entertainment, it's a very interesting read. To get the book click here. No doubt some owners can be hard to deal with but after building the team and enjoying the success they do have a right to earn easy money. It is rather amusing that many of the players think that they have a right to the same salary as what the owners make. Hello! but don't most CEOs of companies make more than the workers under them? Undoubtedly, the players are the ones out on the field sweating it out for the owners to make the money.  However, could it also be that some players can't manage their own money properly so they need more and more to survive the debts of their lavish lifestyles? I don't know the exact answer to these questions, but I do know that if you don't budget and manage your money properly you will always be broke. To learn how to do a budget read YNAB (You Need A Budget). It has some very helpful information. Click here.
If it is because they are the ones earning money for the owners, then they need to wake up and recognize how the real world works. Most businesses are set up so that the people who actually do the grunt work that makes money for the owners of the company usually earn less easy money. It may not sound fair but if you work at McDonald's, you make a lot less than those who run the company. You work at most other places and you earn less than the manager and you really have no say in how much they pay you. Most of us would like to have a higher salary and maybe deserve it but raises very rarely happen when we need them if we ever get them at all. If you want to easily earn more money then it usually means being proactive to make it happen for yourself. A very good read on this subject is the book My Street Money. It's written for ordinary persons like you and I living on common streets rather than Wall Street. The author suggests that making money is a mindset that must also engage the heart. To read it click here. Our Athletes are important to us and we love them but after they start getting some recognition there are some who seem to think that they belong in a different category than everyone else in this world. Some of them because of their popularity and promotion ads easily earn more money than the team managers. As the expression goes, "the more you get the more you want" and so when they don't get exactly what they think they deserve, they become very indignant and infect the locker room with all kinds of negativity instead of working on building a positive team spirit. That kind of action used to be the exception one time, but now it is quickly becoming the rule. It saddens me to think that popularity and success can go to the head so fast and make one forget their humble beginnings. What it comes down to is that they are the stars and they are simply playing to make as much money as they can and not really for the love the of the game and the fans. If they are going to act that way then they are not really on the same level as ordinary people who are not in the position to earn easy money, but who would like to be.  Making money is a real art that can be learned. To learn more about how to do this read The Art of Money Getting. Click here.
Most professional players easily earn money enough to survive their entire lives off of one year's salary if they were good at managing their money. I don't buy into the notion that just because they spend more they should easily earn more. If they wisely managed their money during their careers, they would have more easy earn money for their post career living. There are many ways to make money and the book 7 Easy Ways to Earn Extra Money Today has a some excellent ideas in it. All it really takes is to get the information and perform the action. To get the book click here. It is nice to have the financial freedom to buy lavish houses, cars, flying first class, staying in fancy hotels, taking lavish vacations, and having several big bank accounts. But it is also important to stay in touch with the real world and live within the means of necessities instead of wants. Just because you can live lavishly doesn't mean you should.
Some players may say that this isn't about the money, but how they are treated by the owners is simply not the truth. When it comes down to it, to earn easy money and having a larger share was the reason why the players choose to walk away from the game. They wanted the owners to open their financial books to prove that they could give them more money. When the owners were not willing to do that, they walked away. So it is about the easy earn money. Joe Vitale wrote The Greatest Money Making Secrets in History. To get the book, click here. As I see it, there is no need to be mistreating others for reason of wanting more money because there are ways to earn easy money. Let's face it, if you want to earn an income it does require some honest work from you. There are a whole host of opportunities to generate some easy earn money, some of which are presented on this webpage, for example, Martin Thomas wrote an article called the Quickest Way to Make Money On Earth. To find out more you can click the above link or the picture to the right.
So, who is at fault in this dispute between the owners and the players? What do you think? We live in a dog eat dog world and I suppose it is society's way of doing things. Take down those that have what we want. After all is said and done, there is plenty of money to go around. You just need to have the right tools to work with. An excellent tool and great opportunity for you to make big money is by jumping on board Auto Click Profits. Click here.
There are many opportunities for anyone to earn easy money, but it does require some action on your part. What will you do?